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Riverston Basecamp. The Best Place for Riverston Camping

Manigala is a breathtaking area located within the Knuckles Mountain Range where campers can witness the absolute beauty of the Thelgamu Oya. Most importantly for those who seek calm and quite , This is the place to be


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Sera Ella

Explore Waterfalls

Riverston Base Camp is located on the East Bank of Knuckles, also known as Sri Lanka’s waterfall district, which is why campers are spoilt for choice when it comes to waterfalls.

Explore a variety of magnificent waterfalls from the Knuckles Range of mountains or the Sera Ella, which can be easily accessed from the side of the road, where campers frequently hike and trek. Additionally, The Thelgamu Oya and The Kaluganga Oya both begin in this region adding to this landscape’s beauty.


Private Camping

Flowing freely off the Knuckles Mountain Range, Thelgamu Oya is home to a variety of streams and waterfalls, which makes this the perfect area to bathe and splash around in.

Whilst the shallow streams flow with clean water through natural rock pools and under trees, the deeper pools are dangerous to swim or dive in but is ideal for observing a colourful variety of freshwater fish, which is also a popular fishing area, and attracts many bird watching enthusiasts as the delightful chirping of many species of birds makes this a relaxing spot for nature lovers.

Riverston Camping


Because hiking in Riverston entails passing through luscious greenery and running streams surrounded by the sound of birds and other wildlife, hikers and nature lovers flock to Riverston abundantly. We are more than happy to provide a guide, a resident of the village, upon request.

Both Walpolamulla and Manigala hikes can be commenced from the Riverston Basecamp. Guides can be arranged on request for assistance.

Camping Facilities



4 man tent for 2 campers × 6 tents (6 tents in total; 12 campers can stay comfortably; max 15 campers)



Mattress with 2 pillows (Please bring your own linen)



2 × washrooms


Solar Power

 Solar-powered electricity with phone charging option



Free BBQ machine (Please bring your own charcoal and meat)



Campsite caretaker


Motorable Path

Drivable path up to car park


Walking Pathway

150m walk to camping site

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Rs. 3000 /- per head per night (Minimum 06 pax = Rs. 18,000/- per booking)

Traditional village meal and 02 servings of tea (morning and evening)