About Us

Riverston BaseCamp offers camping enthusiasts a back-to-basics camping experience where campers can appreciate every element of nature together with surviving the outdoors with basic necessities. The campsite is nestled alongside Thelgamu Oya at Manigala Rock’s base, giving campers an incomparable view of the surrounding greenery.

The adjacent nature reserve is known for its picturesqueness and diverse wildlife. The neighbouring village exemplifies simplicity and abounds unspoiled traditions, thus offering an authentic Sri Lankan village experience to its visitors. Riverston has attracted not only campers but photographers, wildlife enthusiasts and those wanting to escape the chaos of the city.


Located close to the Rattota town in the Matale District, Riverston is a spectacular area with a span of 17,825 hectares, where a wide variety of forests along with an assortment of ground hugging ferns, plants and tall trees, and a wide array of fauna can be found.